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Interior Design Services

Access style and design that reflects your individuality

Venia provides a full-service design consultancy and project management for residential & commercial clients.

Browse our comprehensive service selection below, or get in touch with us directly to discuss your requirements across:

New Builds

Call Venia to assist with your new build, and we offer a turn key approach to your project. We work closely with your architect, specialised trades and designated subcontractors to ensure a seamless transition into your new space. Our expert design knowledge and our network of exceptional suppliers combine to allow you to realise your most ambitious vision in terms of furnishings, fittings and the interior landscape you conceptualise.


Utilising our experience and mastery of how colours, materials, textures, and concepts can work in harmony or juxtapose to create a stunning effect, we ensure that when you choose

Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry Design

Utility and functionality are intrinsically tied to comfort, so when we approach design for these service rooms, we draw on our extensive experience in creating luxurious, workable spaces. From entertaining to cleaning up and taking a moment to relax, we understand that life just gets better when these spaces thoughtfully centre the user.

Interior & Exterior Design Consultancy

Choose Venia Design to consult on your project and reap the benefits of a highly polished approach that is delivered with educated professionalism and technical skills. From projects that lean into classic European luxury design through to modern exterior cityscapes, our team can guide you towards optimising the potential of your residential or commercial project, creating a cohesive outcome that always aligns with your conceptual vision.

Design Management

A great plan and a skilled team require experienced Design Management. Venia promises effortless delivery no matter the size of your project. We achieve this by utilising a motivated network of internal and external specialists. We ensure that all designs and renderings are delivered to meet timelines and that all parties are able to understand what is required and can be counted on to deliver.

Architectural Plan Review

We use our expertise to review your plans so that we can help identify where light and movement have been addressed to their full potential, what materials are being utilised ahead of our design decisions and where the use of the space has been optimised in terms of the desired outcomes.

Furniture Design, Procurement, & Placement Plans

Alongside elegant bespoke furniture design and execution that adds refinement and style to your residential or commercial space, Venia also nurtures connections with exceptional furniture suppliers worldwide, and we ensure that your interior and exterior design is finished to the highest standard.

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Venia Design / Creating intelligent style that reflects the individuality of the client

Venia provides full service design consultancy and project management for residential & commercial clients.

–  New Builds
–  Renovations
–  Interior & Exterior Design Consultancy
–  Design Management
–  Architectural Plan Review
–  Interior Architectural Elements Design
–  Technical CAD Drawings & Elevations
–  Colour Consultancy
–  Window Treatments
–  Furniture Design, Procurement and Placement Plans
–  Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry Design
–  Cabinetry Design
–  Finishes Selection
–  Styling Services

Clients can engage Venia for all scopes of work from colour palettes through to full project management, procurement of furniture to procurement of contractors. With a strong and proven network of service providers, retailers and manufacturers built on many years of trust, Venia will cost effectively complement the scope of any project.